About Us

Based in our sunny town of Tucson, Arizona, Haute Mess Candles was founded on the idea of bringing something different to the candle game. After hours of research into other companies we realized that most the candles produced were a little blasé; simple vessel, off-white wax, and the same old smells of lavender and warm sugar cookie. Haute Mess Candles brings new and exciting fragrances like drunken library and glazed pear and melon to the table. We believe our unique fragrance blends and high fragrance load combined with stylish vessels will be a perfect addition to any space private and public.

Haute Mess Candle Co was created and orchestrated by two women; Sam and Denise. Friends since 2018, we have always been passionate crafters, taking on everything from home remodeling to designing clothing. Before meeting, we had both dabbled in our own small business ideas but found those adventures lacking. One day, while hanging out, we discovered that candle making had been a skill we both wanted to learn but had never gotten around to it. We decided to order some candle making supplies and by the time the first candle was made, we were hooked.

Haute Mess Candles are made with soy wax, soy wax blends (for our colored candles) and phthalate-free fragrance oils that contain essential oils. These provide a cleaner burn for your home while still giving off great scent throw. Haute Mess believes in using recyclable and re-usable items wherever and whenever possible. This includes minimal packaging, recyclable boxes and biodegradable peanuts for shipping. Our beautiful candle containers all come with instructions on how to remove old wax so they can be used again or repurposed. There is even a line of refill candles in the works! These will fit into containers sold by Haute Mess and help cut down on containers being thrown in the trash after the intital candle is gone.